Make These Cute Valentine Heart Streamers 

How to make an adorable Valentine Hearts card!
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Learn to make Valentine Heart Streamers with my easy step-by-step tutorial!

A great thing about this project is that if you simply change the color, these hearts can be for any occasion. Most everyone would love a heart streamer hanging around, whether for Valentine's Day or general decorations.


  • Regular to heavy weight patterned paper (I used polka dots, but any pattern will work just fine, as well as a solid color).
  • Heart template. Click here to learn how to draw a heart and make a template, if you need one for this tutorial.


  • Tape or glue


  • Scissors

  • Fold the decorative paper once, and then fold over once more (A).
  • Place a heart template on the back side of the paper, along the folded edge (C).
  • Trace (B) (be sure and add a tab for the streamer).

Note: The decorative side of the paper is on the inside (A) to keep pencil marks from being on the front.

Draw a line along the inside of the heart (A) the same thickness that you want your streamer hearts to be.

  • Cut on the inside line (A).

I used decorative scissors for the inside cutting because I happen to like that particular effect, but it's not necessary for this project.

  • Open the cut-out and you will have two hearts attached together.

Take each set and tape (or glue) two of the tabs together to get a streamer with four hearts in length. 

Repeat cutting out two hearts at a time and then taping those together to get a longer streamer.

Now string up your streamer, and enjoy!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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