Valentine Card Ideas

These Valentine card ideas are easy to make and will add that sparkle to this love filled holiday.

Valentine's Day is a perfect Holiday for making many types of beautiful Papercrafts. See if one of the tutorials below is just what you are looking for.

Dangling Heart Cards for Valentine's Day

Create this Valentines Card with hearts that tumble out when opened
Make homemade valentine Cards with linked hearts that tumble out when opened

Click here to follow a step-by-step tutorial of this dangling heart Valentine card, complete with photos and illustrations.

This card has a surprise of hearts tucked inside that playfully tumble out and dangle for a cute showing.

Kids and adults, alike, love receiving these Valentine cards in the mail.

You can also make these dangling hearts for decorations and display by hanging them.

They're a fun addition to your home, office or classroom. They make great home decorations for the holiday, people at work offices are fascinated by them and kids will love them in a classroom.

Keep in mind that if you are not placing them in a card, they can be made any length. Imagine these dangling from ceiling to floor for a stunning effect.

Valentine Heart Suncatcher

Learn to make these Heart Suncatchers by following an easy tutorial complete with photos and illustrations.

When hung in a window, the sun glows through the inside vellum in such a cheerful way.

Suncatchers make an impressive addition to any window and are easy to make.

Easy Heart Banner

If you are looking for an easy Valentine idea that will liven up a room, my heart banner tutorial may be just the thing.

Hang them for decorating a Valentine's Day party or to just have dangling around during this fun holiday.

This is also a great classroom project for teachers to either make themselves for decorations or to teach students how to make.

Since these are based on how to draw your own heart templates, they can be any size or length to suit your needs.

Make Unique Playful Hearts for Your Valentine Card Ideas

Check out my playful hearts tutorial to learn how to draw and create these special designs. They are super easy to make and they will be your own design.

Each one of these playful creations has a different style all its own. Surprise and delight people with hearts that are uniquely yours, rather than using common store bought templates.

These are definitely not only for Valentine's Day. They can be made to put in any type of card, used in scrapbooking pages or paper art decorations (and you can easily make them any size for the occasion at hand).

You may also be interested in how to make this butterfly card. It's a great card to give for Mother's Day.

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