Signature Style

A signature style is what makes your body of Papercrafts stand out amongst the "crowd".

It is the combination of elements in your work that are unique to you. These elements will include the way you use color, compositions you favor, the techniques you use most often and underlying themes that emerge (just to name a few).

In other words, it is a personal style that combines all of the different ways of making paper art that you favor. It's what makes your art, unique!

Do You Have a Signature Style?

Most paper artists have a sense of whether their personal style of crafting has emerged.

Imagine 10 cards of your paper art work alongside 5 other crafter's cards, each displaying approx the same number. Now imagine having someone who is unfamiliar with your work seeing if they can pick out your 10 cards as being from the same paper artist. Would they likely say, "These 10 pieces are all from the same artist".

If you think they could pick out your paper art from the rest, you are developing and have a solid ground for your personal style. 

How to Develop Your Unique Signature Style . . .

You are looking to develop multiple favored elements that all work together. 

It's all about paying attention to the ways of making papercrafts that you especially love to include, and then developing those further.

For example, if "torn edges" is a technique that you really like to use, then start including it in all (or most) of your artwork. 

I happen to love working with paper beads. I try to include them in my cards and Christmas crafts, for example.

  • I use a paper beads in my Christmas and wedding or anniversary bell cards as the clapper for the bell. 
  • I hang paper beads from my ornaments.
  • I make Christmas bells out of paper beads.

If including a certain technique continues to feel right for your work, then you have one element of your personal style!

Does This Mean That You Have to Stick to Only One Way of Making Art?

No. Every element does not have to be included in every piece of art. 

Using approx 70% out of 100% of your unique elements will bring forth a style that is all your own. 

Don't get carried away with trying to include every element, or your work will become too obvious. It will look as if you are trying to include certain techniques, rather than it simply being what your artwork is about.

Pay attention to how you make paper art, relax and allow your personal style to emerge.

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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