Video II: How to Decorate Your Handmade Santa Hats

Learn how to decorate your handmade paper Santa hats.
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If you haven't yet learned how to make the basic Handmade Paper Santa Hats, click the link for detailed instructions in Video I for making these paper hats from almost only paper.

Then move on to the Video II below for the decorating hats tutorial.

In video II. . .

 . . . learn how to decorate your paper Santa Claus hats. Just click on the video below to get started:

Check Out The Many Ways To Decorate and Use Your Santa Hats, Below . . .

Sometimes it's nice to have written pages to follow video tutorials. It enables us to take a better look at some "still" photos to review what we have learned. And it's a great place to have more detailed instructions.

Below are written pages to supplement the 2 videos on making and decorating your Santa Claus hats.

Make a log for your Santa hats to go on, creating a beautiful Christmas ornament.
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Make a Family-Hat-Log Ornament

Make this family-hat-log ornament by following my tutorial. This ornament has with adorable snow topped hats perched on a snowy log. Snow, snow, snow!

Make a half-moon wire hanger that looks extra nice with the log and hats.

Even personalize your gift by writing family member's names on the paper hats.

You can also check out my tutorial on how to make your hats different sizes, just click here.

Make an origami box to hold your handmade paper Santa hats.
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How to Make Origami Gift Boxes for a Set of Santa Hats

You'll find that giving an origami gift box with a set of hats inside can be a stunning gift, inside and out.

Make the top and bottom of an origami box and place a half-of-hat on top for added decoration. 

Make these adorable paper Santa hats and hang them up to make a stunning garland.
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Make A Christmas Garland Out Of Paper Hats

When you hang this paper hat garland on a tree, everyone will be impressed.

Use a variety of glitter colors on different parts of your hats, and hang them for a beautiful paper hat garland.

Make paper Santa Hats and decorate them in many different ways.
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Decorating Hats With Ribbon

Here are different decorating ideas using ribbon, polka dots, glitter snow and snowflakes around the brims.

These decorating ideas are also shown in detail in the second video. The tutorial shows many ways to embellish your handmade Santa Claus hats.


Handmade paper Santa hats for place setting ideas.
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Use Them in Table Setting Favors Using Clear Gift Boxes

Check out ways to use decorated hats around the dinner table.

You'll find photos showing different place setting ideas. See how beautiful they can be.

Place them in handmade origami boxes with clear lids and they go well in elegant table settings and given as favors for dinner guest.

How to make paper bells with paper bead rolling techniques
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Are you interested in taking your new "paper hat rolling" skills further?

You may be interested in a video or a written tutorial for making paper bells. They are made using similar paper rolling techniques as the paper Santa Hats.

These bells can be used in many different types of projects:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Anniversary ornaments
  • Anniversary cards
  • Wedding cards
  • Wedding and Anniversary table place setting
  • Place card settings

and more . . .