Making a Handmade Paper Santa Hat: Video Part I

Video on Making a Christmas Santa hat using simple paper bead rolling techniques
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Making a Paper Santa Hat is easy to do using simple paper bead rolling techniques.

These hats can be given as handmade ornament gifts, used in place settings, Holiday party favors or made for your own Christmas decorations.

Video PART I includes how to make:

  • A basic red paper hat
  • White brim
  • Paper pom-pom for the tops
  • Wire hangers
  • Paper cording hangers
  • Write a name on the brim for personalization

Click on the video below to watch it . . .

Decorating Paper Hats, Video PART II

Learn how to make Santa hats and then here's how to decorate them in many different ways
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Once you learn how to make basic Santa Hats in the first video, Video Part II has a step-by-step tutorial showing many different ways to decorate them with elegance and festive flare. 

Click here for the Decorating Hats Video, PART II.

Supplies You Will Need to Make a Handmade Paper Santa Hat

(supplies are also shown in the video)

  • Red embossed paper
  • White embossed paper
  • Glaze

Liqutex glaze works great on all of my Papercraft projects. Since it is made for fine art, it is superior to the other paper glazes on the market. It won't yellow or crack and it will preserve your Paper Art indefinitely.

  • Paper cutter (scissors or a rotary cutter works too)
  • Ruler
  • Bead roller (toothpick works too)
  • White tape
  • Red Sharpie marker
  • Glitter (optional)

A bead roller is nice to have, but if you don't have one, using a toothpick to roll up the paper strips works just fine. A link to a supplemental video is right below with a demonstration of rolling up the long strips with a toothpick.

  • Something to hold toothpicks with hats on them while waiting for the glaze dry (a piece of styrofoam works well)
  • Either wire or paper cording for the hanger
  • Tissue paper (for the paper pom-pom on top)
  • Water (a small bowl)

Using Basic Supplies For Your Paper Santa Hat

Here's an additional craft video on making paper hats using basic tools.

Roll up paper hats using a toothpick (for if you don't have a bead roller)

  • Toothpick

Cut strips using basic supplies (for if you don't have a paper cutter)

  • Ruler
  • Scissors or a rotary cutter

Written Tutorial on Making Different Sizes of Paper Hats

This is a separate tutorial showing the dimensions for cutting and rolling 4 different sizes of Christmas Santa hats.

You simply cut the strips of paper the different lengths and widths shown, and roll up the same way as learned in the Video: Part I. 

They can even be tiny hats that are small enough to use as handmade Christmas earrings (which are super cute).

You May Also Be Interested in How to Make Paper Bead Bells

A video on how to make paper bells. They can be used in all types of Christmas, wedding and anniversary crafts
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There's both a written tutorial and a video for learning to make these precious paper bead bells. They are made using a simple paper bead rolling technique, similar to rolling up the hats.

The finished bells can be used for all sorts of projects:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Anniversary cards
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Anniversary ornaments
  • Wedding cards
  • Wedding place-setting favors
  • Table place-card holders

and more . . .