Snowy Santa Claus Hats On A Snow Covered Log For A Family Ornament

Paper Santa Claus hats placed on a
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How to make a "family" of Santa Claus hats on a snow covered log that makes for a memorable Christmas ornament.

It's easy to add personalization to this ornament with the family's names written on the brim of the hats (don't forget the family pet!)

Supplies Needed To Make These Paper Art Santa Hats . . . 

Supplies needed to make family of hats on a log
  • Glaze (I use Liquitex)
  • Glitter snow
  • White glitter
  • Glue pen (for writing names on the brims)
  • Wire (18" long)
  • Stick for a log (6" long)
  • 5 Paper hats of different sizes (video tutorial on making handmade paper Santa Claus hats)
  • Jewelry tool (optional)
  • Glue gun (optional) (another strong form of glue will also work)

After you've learned how to make a basic paper hat in the video listed above, see my tutorial on how to make different sizes of Christmas Santa Hats to use for this log ornament.

Glaze The Log

Glaze your log for making a family of paper hats on a log

I found my "log" in my yard from a butterfly bush. Most any type of small, interesting branch will do. A branch with "grainy" bark and with one (or more) twig nodes, makes the most interesting looking logs for this project.

  • Glaze the entire log 3 times

Glazing the log 3 times makes them quite durable and they will last many years. And as a plus, the glaze enhances the look of the bark, making the color darker and bringing out its grainy, "barky" look.

Cover the Log In Snow Glitter

Add snow to your log before placing the family of paper hats on the log
  • Dab white glitter snow on the top and a little down the sides with a brush. 

The idea is to dab the snow glitter on to make it look as if snow has fallen from above and accumulated on top of the log.

Sprinkle Regular Glitter For Added Sparkle

Add extra sparkle by applying glitter to the log when making a family of paper Santa hats ornament
  • Sprinkle white glitter (optional) over the snow while the snow is still wet and it will stick nicely to it.

In my opinion, white glitter adds sparkle that the snow just doesn't seem to have by itself.

Wrap The Wire Around One End And Glue

Secure the wire for making the ornament hanger for the paper hats
  • Measure a piece of wire that will fit around both ends of the log and make a half moon circle on the top (my wire is 18" long)
  • Wrap the wire around one end 
  • Twist the wire around itself to tighten and tie it onto the log
  • Secure the wire with strong glue (a glue gun works the best for this)

Wrap the Wire and Glue The Other End Onto the Log

The ornament hanger makes a classy look to hang the family of paper Santa hats ornament
  • Allow the wire to uncoil and it will naturally form a loop (or half moon) on the top
  • Secure it on other side of the log, making sure that both the twisted ends are on the back of the log

Note: The photo above is showing the back of the log where the twisted wire should be located (therefore the snow is on the other side).

Glue The Santa Claus Hats Onto The Log

Family of paper Santa Claus hats Christmas ornament tutorial
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  • Space the hats out evenly on top of the log
  • Lift each one up and glue securely (a glue gun works best for this)

Viola! You're done.

Decorating handmade paper Santa Claus Hats
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There Are Many Different Ways To Decorate Paper Santa Claus Hats For Christmas Ornaments

Any way you choose to decorate your handmade paper art Santa hats, they will make special and impressive gift ornament sets for the Holidays.