Decorate Your Santa Claus Hat With Different Styles of Ribbon, Polka Dots and More

Learn ways to decorate handmade Santa Claus hats
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In the first video on creating a Santa Claus Hat, I show how to create these handmade hats from strips of paper.

In the second video on Decorating Santa Hats, I show step-by-step, many different decorating techniques. 

Take a look below to see photos of different styles of hat decorating.

Just click on my decorating video to see detailed tutorials on each style.

I love polka dots!

This hat has a rim with large polka dots. It's a fun decorating idea. Simply glue these hole-punched dots onto the brim-strip of paper before it's rolled.

This hat has small polka dots and is done differently than the large dots shown above. First, make the brim strip for the hat in red. Punch small holes in a 4" white strip and glue on the end of the brim. The red will show through and create a cute little polka dot brimmed hat.

Learn to make handmade paper balls and place a circle of them along the rim and you'll have a great hat for a Snow Woman. 

Use snow glitter and regular sparkling white glitter to easily decorate these hats.

A snow covered hat is perfect for a Snowman to wear. And if you have a Snow Woman, Snowman and Snowkids . . .

 . . . well, then you have super cuteness when you place them together with their hats on!

Embellish A Santa Claus Hat With Ribbon

You can use any color or pattern of ribbon that suits your needs. 

This decorating idea makes it one of the most versatile ways to tailor your paper Santa hats for what suits your needs.

Use a snowflake punch to create this snowflake (or antler) design.

You won't believe how easy this technique is when I show it in my video.

Why not a candy cane stripe made out of glitter to go around the brim of your Santa Claus Hat?

A glue pen works well to make stripes for the red glitter to stick onto. 

Feel free to return back to the Santa Hats Decorating Page to see other decorating ideas that lend themselves to such things as making garlands, hat gift boxes and table setting favors.

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