Printable Paper Embroidery Patterns

Welcome to my Free Printable Paper Embroidery Patterns for Papercrafts.

These patterns are offered for using in embroidered paper art, however, they can certainly be used for regular embroidery, as well!

Feel free to print out and use my patterns below.

Click on any of the links and the pattern will open up for printing.

bleeding heart embroidery pattern

Bleeding Heart Pattern 

  • This is an elegant pattern that is easy to embroider.
  • This bleeding heart flower is beautiful enough to frame.
  • I only used the chain and running stitch for the embroidery, and it turned out great!

playful  sunflower embroidery pattern

Happy Face Sunflower Pattern is playful and is great for kids' embroidery. She has a bow in her petals and a smiley face.

sunflower printable embroidery pattern

Sunflower With A Bow Pattern is a whimsical sunflower with a bow in her petals. It's the same sunflower listed above, only it doesn't have a face.

Either of the sunflowers above are great Papercraft embroidery projects. Kids Love them!

Baby Moon Pattern

A sweet pattern for paper wall art in a young child's room.


One of the many ways I enjoy using my drawing skills is by creating patterns for using in my embroidery paper art.

Each of my patterns has been created from one of my own pieces of art.

Tips On Printing:

Print The Entire Page

  • Right Click anywhere on the page

This will give you the entire page to print.

  • Select "PRINT" from the menu (OR select "TOOLS" and then "PRINT")

Your print page will open where you can choose your settings and print the page.

Print Only One Image on The Page

  • Right Click on the image

This will give you only the image to print that you are currently viewing.

  • Right Click on image again
  • Select select "PRINT" from the menu (OR select "TOOLS" and then "PRINT")

Tip: When the "printing window" comes up:

  • Select "PRINT WITHOUT HEADERS and FOOTERS" (this eliminates the unnecessary writing that appears at the top and bottom of your printed pages).

CLOSE WINDOW and return right back where you were.

That's it! Hope you enjoy my artistic embroidery patterns!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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