Here's How To Make Super Cute Paper Bead Bells To Use In Your Papercrafts

Tutorial on making paper bead bells.
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These paper bead bells are so much fun to make. People will wonder how you created such amazing handmade bells!

They are great for Christmas and Wedding Crafts!

In addition to this tutorial, I have a video tutorial showing how to make these paper bells! If you haven't seen it, go ahead and check it out>>>How To Make Paper Bells Video!

Supplies for Making Paper Bead Bells

  • 12" x 12" thick, textured paper
  • Small paper bead for the bell ringer

Tip: Any type of paper will work however, thick textured paper works best when making paper bells.

  • Glue 
  • Tape (clear or white)
  • Varnish (Liquitex works well)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter (optional)

I have a laser paper cutter and find it's a great asset, if you cut a lot of paper (especially cutting paper strips for paper beads). However, scissors or a rotary cutter will work just fine too.

Making a long triangle strip to make a paper bead bell
  • Cut 3 twelve inch long triangle strips of paper.

These strips are to be connected together, forming one long 3 foot strip. Cut the strips the following dimensions:

  1. One quarter of an inch on one end, to just a tip on the other.
  2. One quarter of an inch on one end, to half an inch on the other.
  3. One half an inch on one end, to three quarters of an inch on the other.

Making a paper bead bell out of a long triangle strip
  • Tape together the first smallest strip that's a quarter of an inch and ends in only a tip (1), to the second strip that's a quarter of an inch to half an inch (2).

Making a paper bell
  • Take the strip you just made and tape the half inch end to the third strip that goes from half an inch to three quarters of an inch (3).

You will now have a 3 foot long triangle strip of paper going from a tip to three quarters of an inch.

Create a long paper triangle when making a paper bead bell
  • Cut 6" off the largest end of the long triangle, leaving a 30" length.

Tip: To keep the bell from being too long at the top, I find it works well to cut 6 inches off of the long strip. 

Keep the paper to the right when making a paper bead bell
  • Place the largest end of your strip in a bead roller (rolling it on a toothpick can also work).
  • Begin rolling, keeping the right edge all the way to the right.

Glue only the tip of your paper bead bell
  • Again, as you roll up the strip, be sure to keep the right edge all the way to the right.
  • When almost all rolled up, place glue ONLY on the tip and finish rolling.

Tip: Place only enough glue on the tip to temporarily secure the bead. Keep the glue off of the rest of it, as you will be moving the bead around to form it into a bell.

  • Remove from roller.

The making of a paper bead bell

It's already beginning to look like a paper bell!

With just a little "smooshing", it will become a bell.

How to form a paper bead bell
  • Place your little finger in the bottom and push in, and upwards.

How to form a paper bead bell
  • Press down on the top while you push inwards on the bottom (to keep the top from getting too long).
  • Pull the sides down a bit with your thumb while you keep pushing in on the bottom and pressing down on the top. This is what forms a bell shape.

Glazing the paper bead bell you just made
  • Glazing your bell two times will make it glossy, sturdy and keep the bell shape in tact.

Make paper bead bells for use in Christmas ornaments
  • Place a dab of glue on the end of cording, or thread.
  • Push it into a small bead (A).

How to make paper bead bells
  • Bring the end of the thread through the bell.
  • Pull the thread through until the small  bead touches the inside of the bell.
  • Tie a knot right above the bell.
  • Place a dab of glue on this knot (A).
  • Pull the small bead downwards until you have it in positioned to your liking (B).

This will pull the glue inside of the bell. After it's dry, all the bell parts will be secure and it can be hung by the cording.

How to make paper bells for all of your Papercraft needs
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Here are red and white paper bead bells! 

Make this Christmas ornament with a handmade paper bead bell dangling from the middle
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Check out how to make this Christmas ornament with this lovely white paper bead bell dangling from the middle (template is included).