Make & Decorate Origami Gift Boxes

Make origami gift boxes to put handmade Christmas ornaments in
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An origami gift box is a great way to package Christmas presents. These handmade boxes are especially pretty for gifting Santa Hat Christmas Ornaments.

Family and friends will love the outside of their present as much as they love the inside.

Two Origami Boxes Make Up The Base and Lid

I found detailed instructions for making origami gift boxes at Homemade Gift Guru Dot Com, which is my favorite homemade gift giving website, by the way (you're welcome).

I followed the instructions given in the link above, and made an origami box base and lid, and then embellished them for Christmas gift giving.

  • Use thick red paper (I used thick, flexible & jewel-like paper)
  • Make one smaller box for the bottom
  • Make one larger box for the top

Decorate The Origami Gift Boxes


Use two origami boxes that you made from the link above (one smaller for the base and one larger for the lid)

  • Additional red paper (the same paper used to make the boxes)
  • Ribbon (I used gold and red)
  • Glitter (gold)
  • Confetti (I used natural type confetti)
  • Glaze (white glue can work too)
  • Glue (I prefer a glue-gun for most embellishments)
  • Scissors

Begin by decorating the larger box for the lid

  • Glue a strip of ribbon on the inside edge of the box-top
  • Wrap the ribbon around and over the top, bringing it to opposite edge of inside the box
  • Secure by gluing the other end on the inside of opposite edge

Repeat with a second piece of ribbon to form an off-centered "X" on the top.

  • Glue on additional ribbon, forming it into a bow
  • Glue a half of a Santa hat in the center for decoration

Note: There are detailed instructions on making half of a Santa hat given in my Decorating Santa Hats Video.

Make Inside Dividers for Your Origami Gift Box

  • Measure the depth, and width, of the inside of box
  • Cut dividers slightly smaller than the measurements
  • If your paper is one sided, or too thin to stand on its own, glue two pieces together
  • Cut a slit in the divider 3/4 of the way up
  • Repeat to make two dividers

For the FIRST divider,

Paint a swath of glaze (or glue) along the top, and down the ends of divider. 

  • Paint on the edge with no slit
  • Sprinkle with glitter of your choice (I chose the same brown gold color as the rim and top ball on my Santa Claus hats)
  • Let dry

For the SECOND divider,

  • Paint glaze on the edge with a slit, and down the sides
  • Sprinkle with glitter
  • Allow to dry

  • Secure the dividers inside one another by working the slitted areas up into each other, keeping the glitter edges on the top.
  • Place inside of box-bottom

Stuff natural type brown confetti in each section and place paper Santa hat ornaments inside.

Place your decorated box top over the base. Now you have a gift that is almost made entirely out of paper (less the glitter and glaze/glue). Your friends and family will love it!

There are many ways to decorate your handmade paper Santa hats
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Click here for tutorials and videos on making and decorating handmade paper Santa hats. They are similar to making paper beads, and almost as easy. And they are super fun to make!