Make Christmas Cards With Beautiful Paper Ornaments Inside For An Extra Surprise

Make Christmas cards with paper ornaments inside.
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Make Christmas Cards with a Paper Ornament Inside
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It's great to make Christmas cards! It's even better to make one that includes an ornament your family and friends can hang on their tree to remember you by every year!

Supply List and Instructions to Make Christmas Cards with Removable Ornaments

Supplies for making this Christmas card
  • 2, 12" x 12" sheets of decorative paper (one is for if you are making the envelope)
  • 1 small sheet of decorative paper
  • 1 small sheet of vellum
  • One 7" x 10" solid card-stock for base of card
  • One small sheet of red solid card-stock for letters
  • Embroidery thread
  • Small paper bead (any type of bead will also do)

Paper ornament template for making Christmas cards
  • Ornament template (click here for a free printable)

Note: I like to draw my own ornament templates. If you would like to make your own too, rather than use the printable, see my ornament techniques tutorial. They are easier than imagined! 

Gotta Love Fringe Scissors!

When I make Christmas cards, these fringe scissors add extra flair.

I am amazed at how many different ways there are to use these scissors. Once you have a pair, you'll wonder how you ever went without!

One cut makes 4 strips of fringe, with a width of approximately 1/8" per strip.

Saves lots of time cutting things such as:

  • Fringe borders
  • Grass
  • Fringes for dresses
  • Fringes for curled flowers
  • Tiny flowers
  • Confetti & other decorative accents
  • Ribbons for gifts

Fringe scissors always adds interest to my Papercrafts!


  • Glue
  • 3 repositionable glue dots


  • Scissors
  • Star Punch
  • Fringe scissors (optional)

At a Glance to Make Christmas Cards with Removable Ornaments

  • Solid card stock cut into 5" x 7" card
  • 7" x 10" decorative paper for inside of card
  • 3 vellum ornament cutouts
  • 3 framed ornament cutouts
  • 1 ornament cutout for front of card
  • Little decorative star punches
  • 2 small rectangles for top holders
  • Two strips of paper that matches the inside of the card
  • Paper bead (any type of bead will work)
  • 2 short lengths of embroidery thread
  • J O Y cut out of red paper

Removable Vellum Ornament

Paper ornament template for making Christmas cards

Make 3 ornament frames:

  • Fold decorated paper inside out.
  • Place template on the folded edge of decorated paper (see above for a printable template, or on making your own).
  • Draw around outside of the template.
  • Draw around inside of the template.

Paper ornament template for making Christmas cards

Cut on the lines to make the frames for the ornaments.

Paper ornament template for making Christmas cards

You'll now have two framed ornament cutouts.

Repeat once more for a third frame for the top of the card.

Make paper ornaments for inserting in Christmas cards

Make 3 vellum ornaments shapes:

  • Fold vellum paper in half.
  • Place template on vellum paper.
  • Draw only around the outside of the template.

Make paper ornaments for inserting into cards

You'll now have two vellum cutouts for the center of the ornament.

Cut out the third one (for the top of the card) from a single sheet of vellum paper.

Make Christmas cards with an ornament for your recipients

Glue one vellum cutout on top of a framed ornament cutout.

Ornament paper Christmas ideas

Glue decorative star embellishments onto the vellum

Note: I punched these little stars out of the same decorative paper that I used for the ornament on the front of the card.

Paper Christmas ornament ideas for your cards
  • Glue the second framed ornament over the vellum shape (leave the bottom unglued so you can later glue the thread that will be holding the bead into the bottom tip of the ornament).

Making Christmas cards with an ornament inside for your recipient
  • Glue a rectangle of solid red onto the top to make the ornament holder (A).
  • Punch a hole in the holder (preferribly with an 1/8 inch hole punch) and make a hanger out of embroidery thread.

Make a paper bead for your Christmas ornament card
  • Pull embroidery thread up into paper bead.
  • Tie a knot in the bottom section.
  • Place a dab of glue on the knot (A).
  • Pull the knot (and glue) up into the paper bead.
  • Let sit until dry.

The paper bead will be quite secure when it is dry.

Make a paper bead to hang from your Christmas ornament cards
  • To hang the bead, glue the top of the thread in between the vellum and top frame at the bottom tip of the ornament (A).

Make Christmas cards with paper ornaments inside
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Cut out large letters in red (JOY) and glue on inside of card (I used letter stencils).

Use 3 repositionable glue dots to hold the ornament on inside of card.

Tip: When you make these removable ornament Christmas cards for gift-giving, place a note inside telling family and friends they can remove the three repositionable glue dots from behind the ornament and hang it on their tree.

Making the Front of The Paper Ornament Card

Make Christmas ornaments for the top of your card
  • Glue a vellum cutout on top of a framed cut-out(A).
  • Cut out one whole ornament from decorative paper and glue onto front of card (B).

Make Christmas ornaments for the top of your card
  • Glue the small red rectangle onto the top of the holder, as you did for the removable ornament.
  • Glue top and diagonal fringed strips of paper on front of card.

  • Glue the top of the ornament over the decorative whole-ornament cutout.

The design underneath the vellum shows through in a distinctively pretty way.

Glue tiny punched out stars onto the front for interest and to add cohesiveness between the front and inside of the card.

A Christmas card with a paper ornament inside for hanging on the tree
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Hope you had fun learning how to make Christmas cards with removable ornaments inside!

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