How to Draw a Leaf: 4 Examples of How to Transform a Leaf With Curls

When you are learning how to draw a leaf that's curling, it can be helpful to see a variety of leaf transformations.

I transformed each by placing from one to three curls to illustrate how easy it is to create a variety of unique leaf drawings.

Cut these leaves out, draw in the lines and use them in your Papercrafts. 

  • I began each one with a basic leaf structure.
  • I kept this structure visible, placing dotted lines where the original leaf edge was.
  • I then drew the curls in and placed the fold that was created (see my draw a leaf curl, for more detail on how to do this).
  • Then I erased the veins that are no longer within the leaf.
  • I drew in a wider midrib and placed only the veins back that are inside the new leaf structure.

Leaf Transformation One . . .                                         

Here I began with a rounded leaf. I changed it to have one large curl on the bottom and one small one on the top, toward the tip. 

This is the same leaf above, only the lines are erased and the veins are widened (and curved a bit toward the tip) to make it look a bit more realistic.

See how great the leaf looks after all of the extra lines are erased!

Leaf Transformation Two . . .                                         

Here I began with a much thinner leaf and I changed it to have one curl. Even though it only has one curl, it turned out to be quite an interesting leaf.

The curl brought almost the entire top half down into the bottom half. Notice that there's not much of the half left in the top area of the original structure. It is now angled toward us, and so has become foreshortened.

When you are learning how to draw a leaf with curls sometimes leaves that take the least amount of work, turn out the best!

I moved the vein down a bit to better represent the foreshortening of the top half.

Not much was done to the original structure to make such a great leaf!

Leaf Transformation Three . . .                                       

I began here with the most basic leaf shape. I changed it to have three curls, a large one on the top and two smaller ones toward the tip.

I moved the vein up and gave it a "hint" of a curve. Moving the vein upwards gives this leaf a more foreshortened look. 

It's easy to put three, or even more, curls on a leaf!

Leaf Transformation Four . . .                                         

This leaf is very wide with a pointy tip. It turns out to be an interesting leaf after the transformation!

I drew the vein with a slight curve to match the curve of the leaf.

This technique to draw leaves that have curls will work on any shape of leaf and can be drawn with one to a few curls.

Why not give it a try on your own shaped leaf!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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