Tutorials on How to Draw a Heart & Other Heart Crafts

When you learn how to draw a heart and make a template from this tutorial, you won't be limited by store bought ones for your Papercrafts any longer!

You will be able to create a variety of unique heart templates . . . And they're almost free to make!

You can use these hearts for all kinds of different Papercraft projects (scroll below). You'll love them!

The best place to begin is by learning how to draw a basic heartor by learning how to draw playful hearts.

After you finish, you'll be able to draw as many different types of hearts as your heart desires (couldn't resist). 

Valentine Craft Ideas . . .

A tutorial on how to make this Suncatcher Valentine Papercraft
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There are so many different valentine craft ideas! Why is this one special?

This Suncatcher Valentine Papercraft is a great project because it's easy to make and it is just amazing how it glows in the sunshine of the window!

how make heart templates and Valentines craft ideas and tutorials
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You might be interested in creating this homemade Valentine's Card with dangling hearts that tumble out of the card when the recipient opens it. Kids especially love it!

An elegant heart craft tutorial of a card with dangling hearts
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Tutorials using the playful heart templates:

You might be interested in creating this elegant card with links that tumble out when opened by the recipient. It makes a great handmade Mother's Day Card or Wedding card!

You can use these for many different kinds of heart crafts . . .

Valentines Craft Ideas (can't leave out this one)

  • Valentines decorations
  • Valentines cards
  • Kid's Valentines cards
  • Valentines stationary

General Cards

  • Layer cards with cutouts.
  • Create raised, 3-dimensional hearts.
  • Fill a card with little hearts (a sort of "confetti" to fall out when it's opened).


  • Decorate pages with them.
  • Place a photo on top.
  • Cut out the middle and use them for photo frames.

Wall Art

  • Decorate a child's room with large cut outs of all different kinds.
  • Decorate your wall (create a few stencils and paint away).

When you learn how to draw a heart, there are countless ways to use them in your heart crafts and Valentine's Day crafts. Never buy store bought heart templates again!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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