How to Draw a Butterfly Series: Tutorial Three

how to draw a butterfly
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This is number three in a series of how to draw a butterfly. If you need to review the previous tutorials, click here.

The structure has been kept the same as the two previous butterflies, while adding more detail inside and changing the edges to be more interesting.

You can make it look like a completely different butterfly by just making some simple changes!

NOTE: If you would like to print these butterfly wings to help with drawing them or to use in your Paper Art and crafts projects, click here for a printable image.

It's best to begin by laying down the foundation with a basic structure.

how to draw a butterfly

Sketch the basic structure of the wings (A) and body (B) . You will be erasing so draw your lines lightly.

While keeping the basic structure the same, alter the outside edges of the wings.

how to draw butterfly wings
  • Sketch some simple wavy lines along the top wing's edge (A).
  • Sketch wavy lines around the bottom wing's edge (B).
  • Add a wing tail (C).

Your sketch doesn't have to be exactly like this one, it's fine to vary the wavy lines and tail.

Create an edging on the outer part of the wings.

  • Add four circles.
  • Add wavy lines that flow around the circles (A's) or else that flow along the edging that has no circles (B's).

These large shapes are common on butterfly wings.

draw a butterfly
  • Place some large random shapes on the top wing (A). 

Most any type of shapes will look nice (you can experiment to see which types you like best).

  • Place another wavy line on the top middle of the wing, flowing around the large shapes (B).

The lines on the top and bottom represent the veins that butterflies have on their wings.

drawing butterfly wings
  • Place them going inward toward the body (A).
  • It's good to begin each line at each bulge on the wavy line, as a way to add cohesiveness.

You are all finished with the first wing!

  • Now trace and transfer your drawing of the right wing to the left side of the body to get two wings that are alike.

how to draw butterfly wings

That's How to Draw a Butterfly. Now you can use it in your Papercrafts!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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