Handmade Valentine Card With
Playful Dangling Hearts

Make this Valentine Card with adorable linked hearts that tumble out when it is opened
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Make this handmade Valentine's card
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Learn how to make this Handmade Valentine Card With dangling hearts that are linked together and playfully tumble out when opened.

This tutorial shows how to make the card on the left.

The card on the right is an example of how you can use different materials to get different results.

It was made exactly the same as the card on the left. The difference is that it's made with velvet paper for the links, ribbon is used in between the velvet links and there are three linked hearts.

This cute valentine craft idea's variety is only limited by your imagination (or your supplies on hand)!


  • Red card-stock paper
  • White card-stock paper
  • Regular weight patterned paper (polka dots were used, but any pattern will work just fine)


  • Glue


  • Scissors
  • Ruler (cut the red paper into a 5" x 7" card)
  • Heart hole punch (optional)

Handmade Valentine's card tutorial

Click here to make a Paper Art heart template for this handmade valentine card tutorial.

  • Fold heart template in half.
  • Fold patterned paper once, then fold over again (A).
  • Place the edge of the heart template along folded edge of decorative paper (B).
  • Draw around the template (C) (draw four).

Tip: Fold the patterned paper wrong side out to eliminate draw marks.

Handmade valentine's card tutorial
  • Draw around the inside of heart template, as shown (A).
  • Cut out inside of heart template.

handmade valentines card tutorial
  • Place cut-out template carefully on previously drawn heart halves (A).
  • Draw around inside (B).

Tutorial on making this handmade Valentine's card
  • Cut on the inside of each line (A).

handmade valentines card tutorial
  • Cut the heart-halves out (B) for the remaining lines on the outside (A).

Cute handmade Valentine's card tutorial

You now have four sets (A), and each set contains two hearts (B).

  • Place each set back to back and glue hearts together (C).

Playful handmade Valentine's card
  • When gluing be sure and get the glue all the way into each tip (A).

Making a handmade valentines card

Even though each set was cut out together for exactness, sometimes the hearts still don't match up exactly.

  • If this happens, trim the white edge off (A).

Favorite Product Used: Heart Punch

Fiskar's squeeze punches are a must have! They are easy on your hands, the only brand to be awarded Ease-of-Use Commendation. 

They have an open head to see exactly where you are punching--how great is that!

I have found these punches to be comfortable and virtually mistake-free.

You can choose from 11 different punch designs.

I used the heart punch design in this tutorial.

Love them!

Fiaskars also has a scalloped edged squeeze heart punch that's super fun to use and will add to any Paper Art project!

Handmade Valentine's card tutorial

Cut a slice in the top left corner of two hearts (A's).

Link hearts together (B).

Cut out four tiny white hearts (C).

Tip: A heart hole puncher is really nice to use, if you have one. I use mine all the time!

Glue a heart onto the front and one on the back, directly over each sliced area (A).

Handmade Valentine's card tutorial

Make a white heart out of the same template to create a base for writing a message on.

Glue the top linked heart to the white base, just at the corner (A). This enables the top to be lifted for writing a message on the inside.

Glue the white heart down onto the inside of your card.

Arrange them by carefully pulling into one another and placing inside (B).

Handmade Valentine's Card tutorial
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When the card is opened, the valentine hearts come tumbling out and hang down, dangling in such an adorable way!

People of all ages love to receive these handmade valentine cards!

The envelopes were made to match the cards by using the Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers. Just grab a sheet of paper that you used for the card and quickly make an inexpensive envelope.

Use this envelope punch for all of your handmade valentine cards!

Favorite Product Used: Envelope Punch

This Envelope Punch Board by Memory Makers is super easy, saves money and allows you to customize envelopes for all of your cards.

It makes 66 different sizes of envelopes. Yes, 66!

Best of all, it's fun to use!

Love it!

You may want to check out, how to make a heart card with playfully skewed hearts. It makes a great Mother's Day Card!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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