Paper Art Craft Videos

Craft videos are listed by categories on this page to help you find what you're looking for. For ease of finding, some videos are cross referenced and therefore listed twice.

If there's a video that you would like to see included here, feel free to drop me a line, under "Contact Me". This can be an idea you have, or from one of my written tutorials that you would also like to see done in a video.

Three Santa Hat Craft Videos

Paper Santa Hat Video PART I

One day I did some thinking (yep) and came up with this Santa hat idea. And now paper Santa hats are one of my absolute favorite paper bead type projects. 

They make great Christmas ornament gifts or decorations for your own tree. These can't be purchased in a store which makes them a unique gift, embodied with your love, caring and artistic talent.

Best of all, they are inexpensive to make and will last forever.

Paper Santa Hats Video PART II (decorating your hats)

This video shows many ways to decorate your handmade Santa hats . . .

  • Decorating the brim of the hats with ribbon makes for a huge variety--just use different types of ribbon to change the look.
  • Decorating with glitter will allow for all sorts of combinations.
  • Decorating with snow glitter gives the look of "snow capped hats", or hats that snow has fallen on.
  • Writing names on the brims allows for personalization.
  • Making a set of hats is a gift that will always be cherished.
  • Cutting them in half will make beautiful and fun gift toppers.
  • Dazzle your dinner guest with table setting favors.

In addition, there are multiple pages written about making and decorating paper Santa hats. They are choked full of photos and additional information that's helpful and interesting when learning how to make paper hats.

Supplemental Video Using Basic Supplies

This is a short video showing how to roll paper Santa hats using a toothpick, for if you don't have a bead roller. Also, if you don't have a paper cutter, I show how to cut out paper strips for making paper beads with a ruler and rotary cutter, or scissors.

Since the paper ends up being 4ft long, using a toothpick can be a bit challenging. However, I show in this video how it can certainly be done. I think using a toothpick is a rewarding challenge {smile}.

In the end, the hats turn out looking the same, whether you use a bead roller or a toothpick.

Paper Bead Bells Craft Video

These paper bells can be used for Christmas Ornament Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts or Wedding favors and/or place settings.

Be sure and stay tuned to the end of this video, there are beautiful decorating ideas to help inspire the many ways they can be a perfect match to your gift giving, party, or Holiday.

See also the written pages on making paper bead bells.