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A Paper Art Site Wouldn't Be Complete Without Artistic Coloring Pages to Print Out For Free!

Free Printables for creative expression of all ages.

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Christmas Stocking Page is filled with goodies for you to color! Get inspired for Christmas by printing out this page and painting it with colored pencils.

Baby Moon Page is simply adorable. This page is beautiful enough to use colored pencils on artist's grade paper and hang in a baby's room!

Bird of Paradise Page is a challenge for teens and grownups but it is worth the extra work! It can be quite meditative and refreshing to color this flower page using richly pigmented colors.

Sunflower With A Bow Page is a whimsical sunflower with a bow in her petals.

Happy Face Sunflower Page is a playful sunflower. She is the same sunflower shown here, only she also has a smiley face. 

Which pages are for kids, teens or adults?

The difference mostly depends upon what type of paper is used to print the image and the quality of the pigment used to lay down color.


  • All of the Printables can simply be printed out on typing paper and colored in with crayons. These are especially good for little ones.

Teens and Adults

Painting the artistic Printables with quality materials allows for teens and adults to engage in creative expression and relaxation time.

  • They can be printed on quality artist's grade drawing paper or watercolor paper.
  • Artist's grade, richly pigmented colored pencils or watercolor pencils can be used for great end results.

Copyright note: These coloring pages are provided free for personal use ONLY. The Free Printables are not to be sold or used in any way for monetary gain, this includes both before and after the pages are colored.

Copyright © 2011-2013All Rights Reserved, Samantha Mariah Hall is the original creator of the artwork and holds 100% of the Copyright.

Printing The Pages

  • Right Click anywhere on the page

This will give you the entire page to print.

  • Select "PRINT" from the menu (OR select "TOOLS" and then "PRINT")

Your print page will open where you can choose your settings and print the page.

Open Image in New Window to Print Only One Image

  • Right Click on the image

This will give you only the image to print that you are currently viewing.

  • Right Click on image again
  • Select select "PRINT" from the menu (OR select "TOOLS" and then "PRINT")

Tip: When the "printing window" comes up:

  • Select "PRINT WITHOUT HEADERS and FOOTERS" (this eliminates the unnecessary writing that appears at the top and bottom).

Close the window and return right back where you were.

Enjoy these Free Printables!

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

Learn how to draw a butterfly and create your own coloring pages!

Learn how to draw a butterfly and create your own coloring pages!

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