Light Up The Holidays With Handmade Christmas Paper Crafts

Paper Christmas CraftsChristmas Paper Ornaments
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One year I filled the tree with handmade Christmas paper crafts of all sorts, making our Holidays bright and cheery. You see, we only had four ornaments that year, and little money. My family was excited about how beautifully decorated our tree was.

Handmade Christmas paper crafts are easy, inexpensive and can be stunningly beautiful. Whether you are gift giving or decorating for your own Christmas, there's love and joy that goes into making these special Christmas ornaments.

My favorite Christmas Paper Craft is making Paper Santa Hats . . .

There are two videos packed with detailed instructions on making and decorating these realistic little Santa hats for Christmas gift giving, table place settings, party favors and even Santa hat garlands.

VIDEO PART II: Making Paper Santa Hats

Handmade Santa Hats Video PART I, covers the basics of how easy it is to make these hats using paper bead rolling techniques.

Video Part II: Decorating Paper Santa Hats

Handmade Santa Hats (decorating) Video PART II, covers the many easy and inexpensive ways there are to embellish your hats.

Make Paper Vellum Oranaments That Glow With The Christmas Tree Lights

This is a lovely card with a removable ornament inside so your family and friends can hang it on their tree to remember your love for years to come.

Since the middle part of the ornament is made from vellum, it is transparent which creates a special glowing effect when placed in front of Christmas lights.

Make a Christmas Ornament Craft With Paper Bead Bell Dangling From the Center

This is an elegant ornament that is made extra special with a paper bead bell that dangles from the middle. It's easy to make and only requires paper and cording (or ribbon). Click here for this Christmas Craft Project.

How about making a garland out of handmade paper beads? They are beautiful, easy and cheap to make. Hang them on your own tree, or surprise someone with a garland they can't purchase at any store.

So while you are curled up during the winter months, why not make paper beads to decorate your tree? It's much more fun than stringing popcorn, and they will last FOREVER when properly sealed!

How To Make Paper Bells

These handmade paper bells are sure to add an elegant touch to Christmas. Hang them on the tree, use them in place settings or give them as Christmas gifts.

Paper beads and bells are a great addition to embellish ornaments with and use in other Christmas craft projects. Check out my video and written tutorial on Making Paper Bead Bells.

This Christmas Ornament Craft is Super Easy And Quick to Make

It is simple to create, yet makes a great addition to your Christmas tree, especially if you pair it with your own handmade dangling paper bells and paper bead garlands.

All you have to do is cut out a few pieces and glue it together. Click here for instructions.

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Check out "how to make this Valentine card" with dangling hearts that tumble out when your family or friends open it.