How To Draw Botanical Art For All of Your Papercraft Needs

My tutorials on how to draw botanical art will take you through step by step and you will learn how to easily draw leaves and petals.

Drawing flowers . . . 

draw a sunflower

Learn how to draw sunflower petals in order to complete an imaginative and unique sunflower all your own for your Paper Art and crafts projects.

Drawing leaves . . .

draw a leaf

Learn step by step how to draw leaves with realistic three dimensional perspective that are twisting and curling in space.

Use these leaves to decorate cards or scrapbooking pages. Try cutting one out and making a template from it and repeat more of the same. After you have a few leaves cut out of colored paper, draw the veins in. Your leaves will come alive and you can use them in your Paper Art projects.

draw a leaf

How to draw a leaf that is twisting twice is a great tutorial. When you are done you'll be able to draw twisting leaves that have the "wow" effect!

Leaves are not difficult to draw if you follow my easy step by step tutorials. You'll be decorating all of your Papercrafts with them in no time.

draw a leaf in botanical art

Learn how to draw interesting leaves that have a curl on one edge.

Don't miss my leaf transformation page. Four leaves transformed right before your eyes!

Nature is one of the best teachers of drawing skills, especially for botanical art  . . .

Once you learn how to really understand what a leaf is doing when it curls and twists, you'll be able to draw any type of imaginative leaf that you want.

  • Most leaves (with the exception of Fall) do not curl and twist much in nature. However it is really fun and exciting to exaggerate the curling and twisting of leaves for your own imaginative uses in Papercrafts!
  • Realistic drawings of plants with leaves can be given a more dynamic "feel" by creating subtle exaggerations.

Exaggeration of a subject can help develop your signature style . . .

Developing a signature style is important whether you are a Paper Artist or a painter!

When drawing leaves and petals for Paper Art, reflect on how you want to use them. Are you wanting them to be playful, or is your piece of art more formal? Once you reflect on the type of leaves or petals you want, you can exaggerate if you want them playful and not.

This is one of the absolutely great things about learning to draw for your Paper Art!

Being able to tailor your work to be more of how you want it can help bring about your own unique artistic style -- your signature style will begin to develop.  

Your signature style will emerge with time. Drawing flowers and leaves can help develop this further since it's such a great subject matter to work from. 

Creating art and crafts builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your noggin healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!


~~~Samantha Mariah

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