Paper Bead Christmas Bells Are An Elegant Addition To Christmas Decorations

I teach how to make Christmas Bells in my Paper Bead Bells Video (that's hard to say), and below, have included a written tutorial link for those of you who would prefer (or would like to view both). 

My Christmas craft ornament tutorial which has a paper bell dangling from the middle is also included toward the end of this page.

These bells are lovely to use in place settings for Christmas, weddings or anniversaries. Or you can simply use them alone as ornaments to hang from a tree.

They can also be used for Anniversary Ornament gifts for that special first Anniversary, eightieth or any in between. They can be decorated in paper (of course), gold, silver, with pearls and many other ways to follow anniversary year themes. Here's the video below . . . enjoy!

Christmas Bells Using Simple Paper Bead Rolling Techniques

Paper Christmas bells tutorial!
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Click here for a written tutorial on making these paper bells using simple bead rolling techniques.

I take you through step-by-step to learn how to roll and finish the bells so you can use them for Christmas decorations, gifts or cards.

Even if you have never rolled paper beads before, you'll be able to do this. Once you practice a couple of times, they are quite easy.

And remember . . . if you get stuck, refer back to my video listed above on rolling these paper bells and you'll remeber exactly what to do.

Ornament with White Christmas Bell Dangling

I decided to make this ornament and bell completely white, you can change the colors to any you prefer. You can even use Christmas scrapbooking paper that has designs on it for the outer part of the ornament and then use a solid color that matches your designed paper for the inside bell and cording.

Here's a written tutorial that takes you through step-by-step showing how to make this white Christmas ornament. It is made from paper, except the cording. However, the cording I used can easily be replaced with paper cording. "Maya Road" paper cording is my favorite kind to use and I'm always happy with it.

I supply the template for cutting out this ornament to look exactly like the one made above. But if you are really brave, I have a tutorial teaching how to make your own templates, making your ornaments unique to you!

Are you looking for more Paper Christmas Ideas?

Here you'll find videos on Video I: How to Make Christmas Santa Hats (which have a similar paper bead rolling technique as the bells). I also show how to make different hangers and paper pom poms for the tops.

Once you learn how to make Santa Hats, I have a great Video II, on how to decorate them, and lots of ideas for gift giving. You will learn how to decorate your hats with:

  • Ribbon
  • Polka dots
  • Snow
  • Glitter
  • Make a "family" of hats on a log ornament
  •  . . . and more. 

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