Get Inspired By Amazing Paper Art How-to's

Creating Paper Art is one of the most inexpensive, versatile and creative art forms available. Combine colors, textures and specialty techniques with art concepts for truly innovative paper projects.

You'll find detailed tutorials and videos showing step-by-step techniques for creating Papercrafts that make great gifts, cards, decorations and party favors. 

Paper Bead Bells Video & Written Tutorial . . . 

These bells can be used in wedding cards, anniversary cards or used in place setting favors.

Here you'll find a video tutorial on creating these elegant paper bead bells

If you prefer a written tutorial over a video (or in addition), here it is with photos and illustrations on how to make paper bead bells.

Paper Art Wedding Bells Card . . .

This paper art wedding bells card is made of paper with even a paper bead for the clapper

Handmade cards and Papercrafts made with love connect us in deep and meaningful ways, and are often cherished for years to come.

This card can be used as a wedding or an anniversary card and your recipient will feel the love put into its creation.

My wedding bells card tutorial  offers complete step-by-step instructions with photos, illustrations and templates.


You can add a special personality to your creations when you learn how to draw templates of such things as butterflies, leaves, petals, ornaments and specialty hearts for paper crafting.

Learning how to draw templates gives you the freedom to design and create in a way that's uniquely you. 

Best of all, it feels really good to draw your own designs. 

Let me show you how easy they can be.

how to draw a butterfly

This butterfly design is used to make the card shown below.  

Click here for a tutorial on how to draw it.

A pattern is also provided here, if drawing is just not something you want to tackle today (or ever).

how to make a handmade butterfly card from your own drawing

Click here for a step-by-step guide on making this handmade card from your own butterfly design or the one provided.

Creating builds new neural pathways in your brain and is a great way to keep your brain healthy. Keep creating for optimal brain health!

~~~Samantha Mariah

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