Learn To Make Amazing Paper Art Creations 

Sometimes when I'm creating Paper Art my breath is taken away by the beauty, and this is why I create. I'm guessing it's one of the reasons you create too!

There are so many different paper colors, textures, designs and techniques available that I find myself simply amazed more and more these days.

Does the thought of using a new type of paper, learning a new technique or actually placing a handmade card in the mail warm your heart? Me too.

With so much communication these days happening around the social internet, handmade cards and Papercrafts are becoming increasingly important for everyone. They connect us in a deep and meaningful way, and are often cherished for years to come.

Making Paper Bead Bells . . .

Wedding Bells Card

This paper art wedding bells card is made of paper with even a paper bead for the clapper

I loved making this wedding bells card! Check out my tutorial, complete with photos, illustrations and templates.

My Wish For You is That You'll Be Awestruck by Your Own Personal Paper Art Creations

That's my wish, and I love to inspire and teach in ways that will help you to create unique, personal and stunning Papercrafts.

Explore The Many Different Colors, Patterns and Textures of Paper and Combine These with Techniques to Create Stunning Papercrafts!


It's amazing to learn how to draw your own templates of such things as butterflies, leaves, petals, ornaments and specialty hearts for paper crafting.

Drawing your own templates gives you the freedom to design and create in a way that's uniquely you. 

It just feels really good to draw your own designs. 

Let me show you how easy they are to make!

how to draw a butterfly

This butterfly design is used to make the card shown below.  

Click here for a tutorial on how to draw it.

A pattern is also provided here, if drawing is just not something you want to tackle today!

how to make a handmade butterfly card from your own drawing

Click here for a step-by-step guide on making this handmade card from the butterfly design above.

Party Decorations

What a great way to decorate! It's inexpensive and there are many different artistic ways to decorate with paper.

Paper Bead Bells

How to make paper bells

Complete tutorial on how to make paper bells.

These are so much fun, and easy to make!

They are great for wedding crafts or Christmas crafts, like this one that has a paper bell dangling from the middle.


Scrapbooking is all about using photos and paper in intricate ways to help tell a story for this generation and those to come.

It is an art form that later generations will keep appreciating throughout their lives.

Creative Expression

Last but not least, using paper to create with is a fine art form in its own right.

You can find this amazing art form in art museums, galleries and schools.

Heart Templates That are One of a Kind

Learn a simple technique for creating playful hearts, and enjoy creating these fun and whimsical designs. The different types of hearts that you will be able to create is only limited by your imagination. 

You'll love them for all types of Paper Arts!


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